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January 5, 2004 by esyarmz
Well, i think there is a need to record few things bout me on the net, (vis a vis the existence of aeab on the net)..heheh..

My parents are Abu Bakar bin Talib bin Mat Yob etc.., My mom Norsinah bte Buyong Bin Hj.Ahmad Bin Buntal. I was born and bred in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. To say i am a full sabahan would be not be entirely correct though i was born in bajau surroundings...(jomo bah ni)..and further when introducing my self to new people, i would introduce my self as bajau sabah..(iyeehaa...
January 1, 2004 by esyarmz
damn..a new year, and get summond from JPJ on1st Jan. gotta pay the summond, and go to the bank..heck waste of my leave..(EL)..
But the day is stll new, 9:53 lets see what happens for d rest of the day..
December 31, 2003 by esyarmz
a new year..(still new to this blog) office 1st january 2004 12:43 (despite the time stamp by the web's), goin to raden's sister wedding..kuala selangor..wonder when will be raden's time..